1st Pictures for the Action for Rural Roads Campaign..

The first group images are in from Millisle Community Association and Ballyhalbert Heritage & Regeneration Group for the ‘Action for Rural Roads Campaign’

Above from Millisle is an image of a lay-by which is a prime example of the skewed priorities of those departments responsibie for roads maintenance.  Apparently this rarely used lay-by took a day to repair, filling in several potholes, while the roads coming into Millisle are broken, potholed, and ignored.  One road is actually splitting two, and a picture of that will be on-line shortly.

In Ballyhalbert the issue of a lack of footpath for children to safely walk to school is still an issue, with the only current ‘solution’ being a proposal to vest land from elderly residents to create ‘sections’ of path, but this won’t happen for a number of years yet.  Also the resurfacing work on high street in the village was never finished leaving high kerbs, raised manholes, and a small lake forming outside the local primary school.  This is despite the Roads Services annual report stating work in the area has been successfully completed.

More pictures are needed PCN members so email them in as soon as possible to either  or Frances Hughes – frances@eastdownrcn.com,  Sandra Henderson – sandra@eastdownrcn.com, or Nick Moore – nmoore@communityofballyhalbert.org.uk


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