PCN March Meeting..

The next meeting of Peninsula Community Network is on;

Wednesday 31 March 2010

Ballywalter Village Hall


This meeting is dedicated to Child Protection Procedures.

Guest Speaker – Iain McPherson, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust


Action For Rural Roads Campaign..

PCN Member Groups

We’re ready to receive your submissions for the ‘Action for Rural Roads Campaign’.  As we discussed at our last meeting, choose a roads feature in your area that you would like to focus on, then take pictures, or consider doing a video feature at the site with a volunteer explaining the problem (Nick Moore can help with a video camera, tripod, etc, if required) and send them in to either –  nmoore@communityofballyhalbert.org.uk or frances@eastdownrcn.com.

If you aren’t keen on appearing ‘on screen’ take several photos and write a short explanation about the road issue and we’ll see about narrating the piece in our final video presentation.  For any further details don’t hesitate to get in touch, and don’t forget to let your members and anyone else know about this site.  Encourage people to visit and use the poll to regiater their opinon on the state of the Peninsula’s roads.